Credo in mentem


Futurists of the last century believed that our generation will live in a world without borders, will build cities on Mars and use humanoid robots.

The future is here, but today more and more people are denying the theory of evolution, global warming, coronavirus, HIV and genetic engineering. They believe in flat earth, 5G radiation, conspiracy theories, alternate history, and that Americans weren't on the moon.

“When the mind sleeps, fantasy gives rise to unreal monsters, but together with the mind, on the contrary, fantasy becomes the mother of arts and the source of your aspirations” (Francisco Goya).

In the CREDO IN MENTE / BELIEVE IN MIND collection, we combine fantasy and aspiration together. These jewelry pieces exist in two dimensions: external / aesthetic, and internal / symbolic.

Inspired by imagery from the world of the science, they symbolize our belief in the creative power of human mind. And we believe that each of us is a creator of your own destiny, your own worlds and spaces. Anyone can bring to life his or her beautiful fantasies and exalted aspirations.


"Atom" necklace

SILVER, Swarovski black pearl


"Credo" silver signet ring


CREDO IN MENTEM: ювелирная коллекция

Коллекция ""Credo in Mentem"" - это современные украшения в актуальном дизайне. Здесь вы найдёте научные украшения: колье, подвески серьги и пусеты из серебра с позолотой и чёрным жемугом Swarovski, длинные серебряные серьги и серьги-шары, кулоны в форме шаров или переплетённых сфер, кольца с черным жемчугом, мужские и женские перстни - серебряные печатки с позолотой или чернением, с гравировкой и без. ПОДРОБНЕЕ