Shine on!


Spotless sunshine of the eternal youth! Minimalistic necklaces with semiprecious and ornamental gems: blue topazes, pink amethysts, transparent rock crystals, starry sky aventurines, deep black agates and brown rauch-topazes. Harmony, style, elegance, and nothing excessive. These necklaces are perfectly universal and suitable for both everyday and evening fashion.

We recommend wearing a necklace as a "choker", so that the gems can lie on the "bone" under the neck. Extra lock chain allows you to accurately adjust the length of the necklace or, if you wish, to wear it as a "princess" necklace.

Shine On! natural topazes necklace

SILVER, natural blue topaz (22ct)


Shine On! natural amethyst necklace

SILVER, natural amethysts(19.5ct)


Shine On! natural rauch-topazes necklace

SILVER, rauch-topazes


Shine On! starry sky aventurine necklace

SILVER, black aventurines