Jewelry care

Please, do not use tooth powder, paste, ammonia, or foil to care for precious metals and stones. Ask for professional jewelry care products at any jewelry store, they are inexpensive and will not damage the product.

It is recommended to remove jewelry when you take water procedures, do your housework (especially using of chemical cleaning products), bathe in the sea or in a pool with chlorinated water. Do not spray the perfume or apply the cream after you put on the jewelry.

Galvanically plated pieces (rhodium or ruthenium plated) are more resistant to water, but you still shouldn't put it in the water for long.

Polished or brushed titanium pieces are subject to "slapping" with your fingers, just as it happens when you touch a clean mirror.
If your titanium piece is stained with fingerprints, carefully wash it in cold water using a soft sponge and dishwashing liquid. Then rinse the pieces in pure water and blow them off with a cold hairdryer to prevent the water droplets from drying out on the metal surface. Rhodium or ruthenium plated silver pieces will not be affected during this procedure.