Jewelry production


Inspired by a new idea, we start to think out how this idea can be objectified. What material can express our idea? What technics and technology is right for this expression? So the design is born - an idea objectified with the image, the texture, the material and the technology.


The 3d model of the future piece helps us to test its "viability", and to build a production process: how it will be cast, mounted, processed and assembled; and what is most important, what kind of technical tricks we use to create exactly what we have in mind.


For each collection, we build a separate production process. Sometimes our way to the finished product goes through many different operations. Some of these operations require special equipment and production resources, and we find them either in the best jewelry shops, or in some unexpected places, like scientific research institutes, tools and equipment developers, unique master’s workbenches.


In the jewelry business, manual labor is indispensable. The most subtle operations, as well as grinding and polishing, are done manually for absolute control of the result. We polish up the product to specular gloss, if we want it to shine, or we create a matte surface and a pleasant texture. Finishing gives the product a final look, according to the original design.


Galvanic plating protects silver from oxidation and give it an unusual shade - from shining white to charcoal black. To protect jewelry and give it a deep shine, we use rhodium or ruthenium plating (both are the precious metals of the platinum group). At your request, any silver jewelry can be gold plated.


Titanium processing is a time-consuming process. The workpieces are cut with a laser or cast in a special oven, and then they are processed manually. The grinding and polishing of titanium piece takes 10 times longer than the same work with any precious metal. But the result is worth it!! To give the titanium a beautiful color, we use electrochemical treatment - anodizing . Under the action of electricity, titanium changes its color, keeping the texture of the surface - mirror glossy or deeply matte. Titanium jewelry always looks attractive, amazing and surprising!