We guarantee free repair, exchange or refund jewelry in the cases covered by Russian Federation laws:

- within 14 days, if a visible production defect was detected;

- up to 6 months, if a hidden production defect was detected.


Visible and hidden defects include:

- crack in metal or stone, caused by production defect;

- the loss of inserts as a result of production defect;

- idle lock;

- clasp/buckle failure due to the production defect.


We draw your attention to the fact that the exchange of jewelry or the refund for reasons not related to production defects (e.g. did not like, did not fit, not the right size) is not allowed by Russian Federation laws.
Broken chains, darkened silver, deformed pieces are also not subject to warranty.

For exchange or refund please email us:  wish@lanamuransky.ru