About LanaMuransky

LanaMuransky Clear Jewellery

LanaMuransky is a family duo of Lana and Michael, where She dreams for inspiration, and He acts for objectification. From the idea to the finished product, every time we go this way together. Each piece of our jewelry tells a small story - from the birth of an idea to its creation in metals and stones.

LanaMuransky is the workshop and the author's brand of neat and stylish contemporary jewelry. Wearing author's jewelry, you express yourself and tell the world who you are, what you think of yourselves, how you live and breathe, and how you make happy those who breathe the same way you do.

Contemporary jewelry tells not how much money you earn, but what values you share. Your image (in addition to what you got from your parents) is the result of your work on yourself. We hope that our jewelry can be something very personal and unique for you: a memory or a dream, a statement or a secret, a journey or an inspiration. All in all, it's just beautiful!